What to do in Minneapolis

In a couple of weeks my boyfriend and I will be going on a much needed vacation to South Beach Florida. Yeah for me!!! I’ve been Googling my little heart out searching for places to stay, things to do, and food to eat 😉 I go to website after website in quest to learn more about where to go and find myself sinking farther down the rabbit hole in a maze of “clicks”.

So after this experience it got me thinking how, as a local I know some pretty great spots for a romantic get away to Minneapolis.  So let’s get started!!!

First question is where are you going to stay? When I was looking for deals on places to stay a co-worker of mine told me about a great resource called homeaway.com. It’s a website that lets you choose what type of place you want to stay condo, hotel, apartment, a home. You enter the details (price range, rooms, bathrooms, city) a it populates a selection. (I have found that the larger the city the more options, if your city isn’t well known you probably won’t find much). Otherwise based on price points you can stay at the hotels in the city: $Double Tree and Radisson, $$ Hilton and Grand, $$$ Graves 601 and W Hotel.

Places to visit:

1. Mall of America – This is a classic. It’s a great place to say you have been to and you can’t go wrong with finding something to do. The Nickelodeon Park inside has some rides for adults but all in all is meant for kids. The Underwater World is amazing there and is something not to miss.

2. Target Field- If you are in Minneapolis in the summer you have to go to the new Target Field!!! I don’t care which team you cheer for, there is something about summer and hot dogs and a beautiful sunset on the skyline of Minneapolis that can’t be missed!!!

3. Restaurants!! Everybody loves to eat right!? Well here are some of the best places to eat in Minneapolis.

Romantic- Amore Victoria this little restaurant is hidden in uptown and is the ideal place for a candle light dinner. Happy hour has great specials.

Trendy- Seven Sushi Bar and Ultra Lounge This place has three levels; main floor is a steak restaurant (elegant), second floor is the sushi bar (edgy), and the third floor is the roof top patio (stunning). The views are amazing and it’s a real sophisticated vibe. Sushi is very well priced and the best in the city. The steak is pricey.

Entertainment- Dakota Jazz Club This place is awesome! I love live entertainment you don’t seem to get that experience very often. There are two way to enjoy this place. 1 the cheaper way- pay the cover upfront and have a seat in the balcony or up by the stage. 2. make reservations for the dinner, cover is added to the meal and get the fancy food.

4. Dancing: Aqua Night Club, Valentino’s, Envy and  for the fun of it Cinema Ballroom

5. Take a walk on the wild side: my last bit of advice is to just enjoy the city. Walk around and stop in what ever place catches your eye. Minneapolis is beautiful in the winter and the snow brings a mood and energy of it owns. No matter what season you come you will be sure to have a good time

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