Personal Branding is the new Black baby!

I love America. No other country in my opinion has this rare quality of the entrepreneur quite like us. We see our dream and we go after it.  We feel entitled to the challenge of becoming the next Facebook inventor, Donald Trump, or Oprah if we want to. In my circle of friends and family I can list at least a dozen people who have a business of their own.

I just recently finished a class called “Promotional Communications”. In it we discussed the concept of Personal Branding. This concept suggests that success comes from self-packaging. You create yourself to be an asset; this includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge acquired. (Wikipedia- Personal Branding) It’s all about creating and image that people will recognize and respond to.

Here are my top five tips to cleaning your act up and looking your best:

1. Google yourself- In my class the first thing we did was to see what our internet presence was. Make sure what is out there is positive and  professional. Note if there are other people with your same name and figure out how you will stand apart.

2. Make a website- an easy one to use is WordPress. Be able to have basic information at the customers finger tips; how to contact you, where you are located, information about you and what you do.

3. Use social media- why not it’s free! These sites allow you to use marketing tactics and strategies to gain new customers. You are able to connect and interact with them as well. Great sites include, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

4. Consistency- Make sure your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, business card, etc. are all consistent in the way they look and are laid out. It is easier for people to remember images that words or phrases.

5. Evolve- remember to constantly be looking for ways to make yourself better. The more you know or can offer the more advantageous you become.

To get your creative juices flowing just think about the way these recognizable folks have branded themselves.

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