Mommy Matters!!!

To say moms are multi-taskers is like saying the sun is warm. Between a full-time job, school, kids, house, significant other, family and friends sometimes there is not much left of mom for… mom. So mom’s of the world, unite with me as I share my top ten ways to treat yourself on little to no budget!!!

1. Bubble bath– never under estimate the power of the bubbles! The warm water will get blood flowing and in turn help you get a better nights sleep.

2. Paint your nails– We can’t look perfect 100% of the time, but know one part of us looks pretty can be good enough to get us through till we have a good hair day.

3. Wine and Pasta– you have to eat at some point lets make it worth enjoying!! Sit down poor yourself a nice big glass and dig in to the alfredo in front of you.

4. Go to the movies… by yourself! Odd thought but once you try it you may like it more than going with someone!! You get to sit with no one talking to you, dumping you, asking you questions or for something, and for a couple of hours you aren’t thinking about what you have to do next.

5. Lunch date with just the girls– no more play dates, sleepover and craft time. Take a sunday brunch or lunch with your girlfriends and talk grown up and eat a hot meal with out it getting all over you. Have a drink and some good laughs.

6. Take a nap with a big comfy blankets– the trick is to wrap the blanket around yourself so many times that you can’t move or hear the world around you! If you’re tired and hanging on by a thread give yourself a break and crash. You will do better when you are rested.

7. I love that show!!!- have a favorite show that once a week everyone in the house knows, “mom’s show is on you better not go in there!!”

8. Godiva and Gossip– the next time you find yourself standing in a check out line grab yourself some chocolate the latest issues of your favorite magazine. Indulge in the chocolate and the fact you know those woman are air brushed.

9. Flowers for me?- DON’T feel bad for this one, but buy yourself some flowers! The fresh and fragrant smell will make your home or office inviting and you will find yourself smiling every time you look at them.

10. It’s a date and you look GREAT– get dolled up and look your best. Spend quality and intimate time with your man. Making time for each other keeps you focused and on the same path to support each other. Take turns making it about one person more than the other every once in awhile.

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