March Madness- The Boss Button

I have been a mediocre fan of college basketball in the past, but for some reason this year March Madness has sucked me in and now I love the NCAA playoffs! I even filled out a bracket at work (with a bunch of guys none the less) and only knew that Ohio State was supposed to win the whole thing.

First round starts and I’m watching as the upsets hit the fan! Every game my stomach is in my chest as it comes down to the last few seconds for a victory to emerge. It’s EPIC. I tally my points from the first round and I’m doing alright!

Second round I’m swearing… you’d be entertained to see me yelling at my TV “you suck number 5, my grandma could play better than you with one hand!!”. You got number 12 ranked teams beating number 2 ranked teams and it’s not making me happy.

Round three I have to cheer for the other team to win just so my team can pull it off. And yes I said team, singular, because I’m down to one. But in the end I show up the boys and my bracket has gone the farthest, that being having one team in the Final Four. I never knew it was this hard to win?

I’m so addicted to the playoffs I’m trying to stay caught up when I’m at work! It is then that I found the Holy Grail of all buttons… the “Boss Button”. Hidden in the corner of the page is this beautiful blue button. You click on this magical button and your live game is transformed into a photo of an email. No fumbling around, you can cover your butt easily.

I wish life came with more Boss Buttons, especially with social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc. Maybe they could even make a Boyfriend button so I could watch my shows on Netflix, but it pulls up homework when he’s around. Or vise versa a Girlfriend button so guys can watch sports but it pulls up math homework… all good suggestions which need to be taken advantage of right away.

If you haven’t seen the Boss Button for yourself you should check it out. Read the email it hilarious!!

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