First Timer

So this is my first time blogging… I am doing this out of requirement for my Promotional Communications class, but if I like doing this I may keep it going. We will see.

Today I would like to talk about an article that my boss sent me about branding online. Branding to marketing is like cheese to nachos. So what if you got chips, but you add the cheese and it’s unique, has flavor, and it’s identifiable. You want people to know what your product is, where it came from, and have a positive reaction to it. So managing your brand and its image is a crucial part of the sustainability of your company.

The name of the article I read and have attached for you is “The New Rules of Branding Your Business Online”, from the website The medium of social media is one of the biggest tools that businesses are trying to incorporate into their marketing strategy. It’s not good enough to just send out messages to consumers anymore, they now demand interaction. The article states, “Like branding, social media is all about the conversation and building effective communication”, Ed Roach. 

The article highlights nine key point to remember when branding online. Number 1. Don’t just start the conversation. If you are going to have a Facebook or Twitter account, you have to manage it and update your posts often. Get personal and respond directly to the person. You need to be aware of what is being said on your site. Crisis management for social media is much more temperamental than other sources, “these days, companies need to acknowledge any issues and control the messaging in a matter of minutes instead of hours.” Number 2. “Either keep you brand out of it..” Long story short, don’t over promise and under deliver. Number 3. “…Or dive in and make all the headlines you can.”  In this tip they suggest that you use your expertise to send calculated and targeted pitches. Take your message on the road, do vending, as it can have “long-term personal branding benefits”. Number 4. “Don’t favor edge over consistency” your site should align with the company goals as well as the image it wants to portray. Have a happy medium. Number 5. “be persistent in finding and targeting your niche”. Best quote I’ve heard in a long time, “people use to think water was all the same; now stores carry half-a-dozen brands or more”.  Keep trying to differentiate yourself and create uniqueness. Number 6. “Excel at telling customers ‘About Us'”. “Readily available contact information shows customers that you want to hear from them and that you have nothing to  hide.” Number 7. “Fully integrate social media into your site” The quote that sums this up, “You’ll not only look savvy, but increase your connectivity, and gain traffic to your site from elsewhere.” Number 8. “monitor your brand’s reputation, and be ready to respond”. You must be aware of what is being said on your site, negative comments that are not addressed can lead to loss of current and potential customers. And finally, Number 9. ” Showcase your best work” post testimonials and big name clients you have worked with. Also consider stating any organizations you partner with or awards you have been recognized for.

I found this very insiteful and thought I would pass along my new found knowledge; because everybody loves helpful hints 🙂


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